ASIA PETROLEUM ENERGY CORPORATION (ASIAPETRO) was established in February,2008by experienced andseniorexperts, especially in large projects of oil and gas industry, renewable energy.

ASIAPETRO's goal is to successfully develop renewable energy projects and awake a great potential for clean and renewable energy in Vietnam. Asiapetro aspires to bea pioneer in the field of Renewable energy and Offshore Wind power in Vietnam. The development of renewable energy and biofuels industries is the inevitable trend of the world in the 21st century and ASIAPETRO's vision in the future.

The exhausted of natural resources, especially fossil fuels, and the usage of these resources lead to pollutedenvironment, such as greenhouse effects, climate change, global warming and other impacts. Biofuels and renewable energy are considered as one of thehugepotentialenergy sources for development inthe future. As a result,promoting the development of renewable energy and biofuel industries in Vietnam is urgent in thefavorable natural conditions like Vietnam, these new energy industries willbring enormous benefitfor economic, society aswell as the protection for environmentof the country.

The development of renewable energy and offshorewind power industries will bring enormous benefits to society from investing in windpower plants and supply chains,logistics,manufacturing to creating millions of jobs, developdirectlyand indirectly for green economic. In addition, it contributes to reducing a large amount of carbon emissions and imported fuels, imported electricity, electricity produced from diesel oil, natural gas, coal. Thereby, it is possible to save a large amount of foreign currency due to the import of raw materials. Contributing to ensure energy security for the country. Renewable Energy, offshore wind power will become a strategyeconomic sector, making an important contribution to Vietnam's green and sustainable growth in the 21st century.