Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Ham Phu 2 factory and a valley story

Road 714 from Ham Thuan Bac district to Da Mi commune, in the area of ​​Phu Thang village, Ham Phu commune, has a cheap small road leading to a small valley, three sides of the mountain, and on the one hand, forest. For a long time the land in the valley was only suitable for afforestation, horned cattle grazing like goats and cows .... However, from the end of 2018, when several groups of people entered the valley to survey and then a bulldozer opened the road wide, people in the area happily reported each other: their homeland would have a solar power plant life It is Ham Phu 2 solar power plant, built on an area of ​​54.2 hectares, with a capacity of 49 MW, completed and operated in June 2019. People living nearby hope: their children will be hired to do something in the factory ... have conditions to change lives, especially stop farming jobs on land that is not proactive, quite hard ....

Hong Phong IA solar power project (Hong Phong commune - North Binh), is burying concrete pillars

Busy power project

It can be said that these days, there are many places in Phu Thang and Ham Phu villages in Binh Thuan. In Thuan Minh commune (Ham Thuan Bac), Thuan Minh 2 solar power project, an area of ​​59 ha is in the construction phase; in Hong Phong commune and Phan Lam commune (Bac Binh), projects: Phan Lam 2, Hong Phong IA, IB, Ha Do and Thien Nien Ky ... are leveling and casting concrete pillars with foundation pedestals , install equipment gradually; In Ham Tan, Son My 3.1 solar power project, an area of ​​21.6 hectares, is also starting ... Not to mention, before that in September 2018, the solar power plant was started in Tuy Phong and in Song commune. Luy (Bac Binh). It can be said that this is a chain of factories in 14 projects approved investment policy, with a total capital of 20,700 billion VND of Binh Thuan, out of 40 locations planned for solar power.


Advantages and impacts of policy

The way of saying the image of the poem "The Golden Sun Hometown" by Thu Bon poet, somehow transported to Binh Thuan not only today but also tomorrow. This land, with total sunshine hours in the year is 2728 hours, the highest in the country. The average number of sunshine hours is also higher than the sunny hours in the South. The amount of radiation is stable at: 1961KWh / m2 ... Very suitable for solar power development.

In addition, the trend of investing in solar power in Binh Thuan is also affected by the Decision 11/2011 / QD-TTg of the Government ... In which, there is a provision of Vietnam Electricity (EVN). purchase all electricity from solar power project with the equivalent price of 9.35 UScent / kWh. This is the price that helps investors gain profits along with other incentives such as taxes and land. Two things mentioned above, attracted investors throughout the country to find Binh Thuan. Typically, at the Binh Thuan Investment Promotion Conference in April 2017, there are many "big men" in the electricity industry such as Electricity of Vietnam, Da Nhim hydropower joint stock company - Ham Thuan - Da Mi, joint venture. Asia Petroleum Energy Joint Stock Company, Duc Long Gia Lai Joint Stock Company ... signed an agreement to invest in solar power.

Ham Phu 2 solar power plant is in the process of installing solar panels

Sprint before June 30, 2019

We have just visited the construction site of Ham Phu 2 solar power plant, but before that we visited the site of Hong Phong IA and IB project in Hong Phong commune. Accordingly, all projects are focused on construction. Ham Phu 2 Factory; Binh An factory (Bac Binh) strives to operate before June 30, 2019; Thuan Minh factory (Ham Thuan Bac) attempts to operate in the third quarter of 2019. The reason for investors to rush construction is by Decision 11, in addition to stating the term of the power purchase contract for the project. Solar power project is 20 years from commercial operation date. However, the above decision is only valid for the period from 1-6-2017 to June 30, 2016. After the time mentioned above, the commercial electricity price may be higher, which no investor wants. So they focused on building and operating the plant early. This is the reason to confirm: 2019 is the solar power year in Binh Thuan.